Monday, September 20, 2010

Blessing in Disguise

Where does one begin after all this time. Ramadan has come and gone and now the children are back to school and the yearly routine has begun. After my last post I was somewhat a victim regarding privacy issues. I felt like I was 10 yo and being scolded like a school child. I have been on facebook for ages and have allot of friends from all over. One night, my mother-in-law decided that facebook is haram after watching a show on televison regarding the issue. My husband then being between a rock and a hard spot. Got on my facebook page and had a holiday. My blog also suffered but you can recover that anytime during a 3 month period.
I was angered at first. Then anger lead to mistrust, ill feelings and even a little bout of depression. Then the email frenzy began from angered friends wanting to know why they had been deleted. Some were understanding and some were down right mean. Which made me realize the reality of the internet world. Our friendship only goes as far as a facebook comment or status update. So I can gossip about how your day is going.
It was then that I did a little soul searching and realized just how much time I spend on facebook. My day didnt start with my facebook status or worried about upseting someone when you werent there to comment on there bad day ect ect. Even when my day was bad. I didn't spend the daybeating myself up why no one cares. It was then I told myself..C'mon Lynda this stuff is virtual.
How does one define a friend? I know I'm not the only person who has asked this very question. Friends come in many forms and shapes. But its in those unexpected ones you find the most comfort. That kind email or simple phone call. Dropping by to see you and spread a little love. My list can go on and on.
Then reality set in and the blessing that God had given me was clear. My actions and how I feel doesnt have to be subjected to the masses for judgement. That my wasted time on facebook could be directed to other places and loved ones who really need me. Even to my blog which I love so dearly.
Algerian life can be hectic as it is without added stress. I still dont agree with my mother-in-laws commanding my life. But, you have to take thngs with the punches and consider that she's 80. I can only imagine what I'll be like at that age...God Forbid!
So on that final note I will end this post. Looking forward to talking back with you soon and until then......Happy Cooking!! :)