Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ride'em Cowboys, Ride on................

My guests happily arrived on time and I've been cooking like a mad woman on a mission. I couldn't help but think of my great grandmother. A pioneer of her time, cooking genius, and the most wonderful person you'll ever meet. I can remember the summer harvests and the hot Kansas sun. Our days would start early in harvest season and Gram would always start with her "ChuckWagon Soup". A traditional family recipe passed down from generation to generation, dating back to the first settlers on the great frontier. While she cooked it, she would indulge us in family history and tell us how her grandpa used to be childhood friends of "Jessie James". It was also a training time for all of us "youngin's". As we would get to do all the peeling, dicing and chopping. My great grandma passed in 2003 at the ripe old age of 100. Her recipe has now passed into my own family and I would like to share it with you. I truly love this soup when guests arrive because it is filling and helps to quench appetites before you move on to the main course. Also this soup can be served by itself on a cold winter day. I hope you enjoy this family recipe and that it also finds its way into your kitchens and hearts............ "ChuckWagon Soup"
  • 1 kilo of good beef ( cut into cube size of your choice)
  • 1 large onion
  • 2 carrots
  • 3 to 4 potatoes
  • 1 cup of frozen or canned peas
  • 1 liter of water
  • 2 beef broth cubes
  • salt, pepper, red pepper, garlic and coriander
You first must marinate your meat, at least 4 hours or the night before. This is a very important step so that your meat will be tender when you cook it. To marinate your meat, place beef in a bowl with some salt, pepper, red pepper, vinegar ( any kind will do ), oil, soja or Worcestershire sauce. If you don't have soja or Worcestershire sauce its not required but it adds a awesome flavor to the soup. Place in fridge until ready to use. After meat is marinated, coat meat in flour. You can do this in a bowl or ziploc bag, whichever is easy for you. Then place floured meat in a pan with hot oil. Add onion, carrot, and garlic and fry until meat has browned slightly. Pour water and add bouillon cubes. Cover and let simmer on low heat until your meat starts to become tender. Add potatoes, peas, and coriander and if you like a little heat in your soup. Perhaps some hot peppers to get the blood flowing. Cover and cook until your meat and potatoes are cooked. Your soup will be a thick mouth watering delite. Serves 4 to 6 people. *This is also a wonderful slow cooker recipe*


sonyaslifetoday said...

I'll do this during ramadan as a change hun, hubby hates chorba every day, so i alternate between soups, this will insha'allah be one of them :)

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

yummy mashaAllah ChuckWagon Soup" just great!
what a lovely account of your memories , thanks for sharing!

HereendAfter said...

That sounds like something my family will enjoy! :) Just one question: can I leave out the stock cubes (I find them unhealthy) or is it going to affect the taste too much? xxxxx

Crazy Texan said...

You can leave them out and add your own homemade beef broth...:p This is a versitle recipe and you can adjust to your own family's taste. Good luck :p

aboutemma said...

Masha'Allah, it sounds delicious! - It's great to know the story behind the recipe too - thank's for sharing!

://: Heni ://: said...

This is a great after ramadan winter soup; dh likes to eat chourba hamra only in ramadan unforunately! Hugs sis!