Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ramadan Day 13 - Little Miss Muffit........

I did it!!!!! I made curds and whey Little Miss Muffet style. Also thanks to Henia for giving me the tip after she did it herself. That is one of the things I missed the most living in Algeria. I'm cottage cheese revived!! It doesnt look like the store bought but now I can look on the brightside of life. All those bags of Algerian milk don't have to go to waste after all :)))).  WOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOO!!!!

"Homemade Cottage Cheese "
  • 1 bag of milk
  • 1 cup of vinegar
Heat the milk in a very large pot over low heat.  Heat it gently so the milk won’t burn. When the milk is very hot (about 120°), stir in about a cup of vinegar. Stir the mixture up gently. Turn off the heat and allow the mixture to sit for about 10 minutes, don’t skip this part. The mixture has to sit for the milk to have a chance to curdle. Now there should be a big clump of white cheese curd in the middle of a pool of clear amber liquid. Look at it to make sure. If the liquid is still milky, then you need to add more vinegar to finish curdling the cheese. Add a couple of spoonfuls of vinegar at a time and stir gently. More of the cheese will curdle and clump up. Continue until all of the cheese is curdled, and the liquid is clear. This liquid is called whey. The white clumps are called curds. You have made curds and whey, just like Miss Muffet.

Now the cheese must be rinsed. Line a strainer or collander with cheese cloth, or a thin cloth napkin, or a clean baby diaper. Get the cloth wet with a little water. Carefully pour the big pot of curds and whey into the strainer. Let all of the whey strain off. Run a little cold water over the curds to cool them down, and to rinse out all of the whey. Squeeze the curds with your fingers to break them up, and rinse them thoroughly. Gather up the cloth around the curds. Squeeze it to remove as much of the moisture as you can. This part takes a few minutes. Be patient, and squeeze the cloth covered ball until it is quite dry.

Now, open up the cloth and transfer the cheese curds to a bowl or container.  Stir the salt into the curds.

Ricotta or Cottage Cheese: The cheese you have now will work as ricotta cheese in lasagna, or pretty much any where else. To turn it into cottage cheese, add a little evaporated milk or yogurt to “cream” it and stir to combine. You can divide the mixture in half and make some of each if you want to give them both a try.


://: Heni ://: said...

Glad the cheese worked out for you ;;; more cheesemaking adventures down the road for us ... more things to experiment with ... remember that Syrien cheese from Opera we do that one ok?

seekingjenna said...

this looks simple enough.....nice one girls!!!!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

how does it taste? I make panner (Indian cottage cheese ) in a similar way but use lemon.

Karen said...

OOOOOooooh I've GOT to try this! Great idea!!!!!

Crazy Texan said...

i really liked it after I added milk and i also tried it a couple of casseroles...came out yummy!! how do you make the indian cottage cheese?