Monday, October 19, 2009

I'm an open book...:p

Some of you asked ..."What does your kitchen look like in Algeria?"  Well here it is!!!

You also asked " How would best describe it? " and my answer is: " A place where  every cooking crime is committed with" 
My kitchen has come along way since a devastating fire last year. Which could have taken the life of me and my family. I still don't know how I managed to get knocked out in the balcony from the explosion and get back up with out hardly a scratch.It was funny to see the look on the firemen's face when they showed up an hour later and asked " Who put out the fire?"  I look back on it now with thankfulness :) So many things factored in that day and I owe allot to my school training as a child in school.
When I seen the flames rolling towards the sitting room. Towards the electrical box and gas line. It was instant reaction and screamed to my husband to turn the gas off and get the people out of the apartment building. While they hurried to get the gas off. I got the kids and mother-in-law out of the apartment. As I left I could see my whole life going up in flames. Once the family to safety my training set in and it was Attack!!!! As everyone watched the flames spread. I screamed for water and started the attack. Crawling in on the floor to break the glass to change the direction of the fire. Taking it from the path of the electrical box and impending danger. Then with buckets of water I finally put the fire out. 
Once everything was over and reality set in...I was devastated! Things that were once my cooking pride and joy. Gone in a matter of 5 minutes! Allot of good came out of the experience though :) I met my best buddie in the whole universe " Henia " and had a  new respect for life.
Now  a year has passed and things are pretty much back to normal. I still don't have many of the things I lost but I'm working on it. Some can't be replaced but my life and family are more important. 
My little kitchen is far from Martha Stewart but gets the job done. It's my own little corner of insanity where things come to life. Even the chicken talks to me  In that my creations are made with the best love and intention.



seekingjenna said...

masha'allah it looks lovely and fresh and airy!!!

://: Heni ://: said...

LOL you are really silly sis 'cooking crimes' LOLOLOL!

Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

i like your kitchen it looks lovely mashaAllah i like the amount of light you have coming in to hightlight those cooking crimes. A very Algerian Cusina and i would like it no other way!