Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1,2,3 Viva Algerie!!!!

Its the moment of truth for Algeria and I have been cooking up treats to help ease nerves tonight. It's almost 30 minutes till game time and spirits are high. This was really the perfect occassion to get out some of my superbowl recipes from back home. 
I even got the kids involved ...... gotta love child slave labour :))

I would also like to give a big round of support for our team and May God bring you home victorious!!!!

I will post recipes for all these dishes at a later date. So, for those who would like to know what is pictured here:

Chocolate cupcakes with white frosting
Cheese-ball with crackers
Tuna salad on toasted bread
Chicken and Almond curry with rice
I also made knafa and calzones which you can already find in my recipe section!!

God Bless!! xxxxxx


Fruitful Fusion said...

That's wonderful Lynda!!! Ma sha Allah! I need to check out some of your recipes! I do hope they win! They're on 1-0 and things are going to be tense the next half!

://: Heni ://: said...

Mabrouk Djazair!!!!!!!

Looks great ... sorry I missed the feast at your house Lynda!

I made soccer player beignets that Faiza gave out to the neighbourhood kids. Later,Dh took kids to see data show (the match on PC that they showed on the side of their house to the whole neighbourhood - I was not there but saw the video OMG insane)at his aunts while I had a minute to rest! But my rest did not last long as he came back to take us a walk around town ... took some pix (see my blog) really crazy! Still crazy the next day!


://: Heni ://: said...

Link your videos on your blog Lynda ... or post them here! I cannot view them =(

Umm Ibrahim said...

Salam Lynda! Wow you were busy that day! Hope you are feeling well; thinking of you.

Umm Ibrahim xxx

://: Heni ://: said...

Hey sis esalaams,

Missing your posts but enchallah when you can you will be back! Come see my blog to pick up your awarrd! Love ya!

bathmate said...

thank you for your comments


Ms M said...

Wow, that looks really cool. I love the cupcakes, lol. I also really like the picture of the table setting. So pretty.

Bit sad to see what happened in the Algeria - Egypt game just now ): but that's life I guess.