Sunday, November 15, 2009

touching base.......

My house looks like a twister, every bone in my body hurts and I don't even know where to start trying to get things back together. My son really shook me up when I found him sleeping in our living room. I was ill that day and he spent all the afternoon cleaning up our living room. Then passed out in the coffee table waiting for mommie to get up and wipe the floor. I just sat in the chair looking at him for more than a hour. Yelling at anyone who would try to disturb him. It was then I realized just how much things have affected my kids during these trying times.
Even my daughter came home with some Mexican spices that she and her daddy found at the supermarket. I was surprised and thrilled. Even Algeria can give me a gift once in a awhile. So Bouteflika if you ever read this.......Please import pancake syrup!!!
I also realized that my blog has really got some fans.....NO PRESSURE HUH!! Walking in Harrach to go pay my cell bill. I was stopped by a sweet British woman and her daughter in the market. She said " Is that you? The crazy Texan with the cooking blog? I started looking around me with one thought...." I'm in the Algerian version of PUNK'ed""
I must say that it was also a gift in itself. To know that I could make a difference in someones kitchen and also meet another wonderful muslimah sister living and doing the Algerian grind. Like so many of us!! As she requested to be anonymous..shes got me topped for the longest in Algeria. She has been here for 25 years!!!
My thoughts have also been with Ameena who recently got married, Henia who doesnt want to hurry up and have that baby already!! Your killing me woman!! xxxx and a lovley sister who is in Tunis and miss her posting comments and presence on my have 5 kilos of homemade cous cous waiting for you. xxxx
It feels so good to write on here again. Like a weight off my shoulders. I would also like to say to all of you who read my blog. Keep my in your prayers and I'll be back to posting soon. Another week and my brian should just be fried enough to get back in the kitchen and seek some real adventure. 
Much love and cook cook cook but dont kill in the process.....lynda


Rainbow In The Grey Sky said...

big hug ukti iam here in London was in Algeria for 3yrs so i know the joy and tears.may Allah bless you with good health and uplift your heart ameen!

://: Heni ://: said...

Sedning you kisses too sis! Big work it looks at your house, take it easy! Mine is no where being done ... baby is near too tired ... but should get moving Eid almost here!
Ammena married? not know that ... mabrouk Ammena!!!

emma said...

Masha'Allah what a gorgeous little boy you have there!
Take it easy sister and look after yourself.
Emma x

Staying anon said...

OMG - you're in Harrach?? I've just been there all month. My husband is from there.

That picture of your little boy is too sweet btw.