Monday, February 1, 2010

I know you're wanting to know :)

Where have I been right? I've been living the Algerian grind. Endless trips to take the kids to school, mad dash to get meals ready, being naughty on facebook, and spending time learning some new dishes which to share with you. I have also been practicing my picture taking but let's face it..I'm no photographer.
I'm enjoying my new revived life as a healthy person. No more needles and being cooked in a microwave :) My nerves are less on edge and hubby and I have seemed to work out the marriage bumps we were having. Now I'm dealing with a whole new set of challenges...does it ever end!!!
Hubby and I have started looking for a small apartment here in Algiers. Its a monumental task but I'm looking forward to having my own little place. Not to mention the stability for the kiddos. Most of all to have a kitchen that I want. Decorate how I please, since that is where my time is mostly spent. I know that its still a couple years down the road until it will be completed ect. I'm excited and happy and thankful to God for this gift.
I also learned that oatmeal cookies are possible in Algeria. Thanks to a tip from my ever so wonderful bff " Henia". then i searched up some recipes online and with a combo of things..I'm the queen of cookies. Oatmeal that is anyway :) I'm still doing a little tweaking on the recipe but looking forward to sharing it with you.
Well, I guess I'll close my quacker for the time being and make regular posts. Which so many of you have be emailing me about. I'm also glad to know that so many of you found success with the pancake syrup recipe. It just made my day to know I can bring a little happiness into your kitchens..xx See you when the rooster crows and not when hell freezes over. Until then...........Stay CRAZY!!!!!!!


://: Heni ://: said...

Esalaam sis,

sooo the cookies turned out good huh? where are mine? least a pic of them lol! hugs from me

uk4dz said...

Glad to read this Lynda! :)

Nicola x

jennifer said...

salaams sis, i just came upon your blog, masha'allah it's nice. i cannot believe you have phil collins playing in the background, i'm not into music anymore, but man... i used to LOVE him! LOL

you have a beautiful family, masha'allah.