Monday, March 1, 2010

Hell did freeze

Man the ice is cold and wet...haha! No matter how hard I try to make time to sit down and blog. I get more tasks to do :( I have endless things to tell you about. But the main concern is  for my  childrens education. Teachers have went on strike for the second time this year and it looks like its going to be longer than the first one.

                                       Algerian teachers vow more strikes

I can understand the position of Algerian teachers but being on the home front. I have a totally different outlook. I can relate to strikes for better buildings, materials, programs ect. But instead its always for money and not the students. Algerian schools fall very short from our counterparts. Plus the level of teachers education level is often lower than the students his/her are teaching.

Just before the strike began my children were given middle of the year exams. Where my daughter scored a zero and my son a 3. I was quickly prompted by the teacher that my children were under level. Angry for her remark I vowed to show her differently. I have since hired a private tutor to help them in there studies. I also have taken it upon myself to personally learn to write and read Arabic to help them also. I must say its like hittin nails on the head but God Willing we will succeed.

Also hubby has fixed our computer and now I'm able to save posts for future days. I have some maghrib dishes I know your going to love....:)

See ya'll soon and and prayers will be appreciated....xx



Ms M said...

Salaams. Gosh I didn't know about that until husband doesn't really keep me up to date with the news lol. I really hope that it's resolved quickly with the teachers as it would be terrible if it continues to impact on the children.

I'm looking forward to those Maghreb dishes :D

://: Heni ://: said...

Insane lynda! teachers here i really do not think know how to teach at all.

Fruitful Fusion said...

Oh I do hope things ease up for you and your family esp you children. It's good to see you blogging again!